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From beauty bloggers to Liz Phair, the myth of the semen facial is alive and well. But take it from the dermatologists: the white stuff is not good for your skin.

For years after starting Gawker Media, the online publishing network, in 2002, Nick Denton ran the company out of his apartment, in SoHo. “He said, ‘If you run it

Teenagers’ lives are filled with writing. All teens write for college, and 93% of teens say they write for their own pleasure. Most notably, the vast majority of

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2 Studies Just Revealed Coffee’s Most Important Health Benefit Yet. A cup (or, let’s be honest, three cups) of coffee a day does more than just keep the cranky

Aug 05, 2014 · U.S. teenagers are more enamored with YouTube stars than they are the biggest celebrities in film, TV and music. This story first appeared in the August 05

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In the world of plus-size fashion, activism and consumerism often cheerfully intermingle. Bloggers move merchandise. Raina Penchansky, the chief strategy officer of

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Yes, it is possible to make a living as a freelance blogger. Learn how I make $5,000 every month as a paid blogger – and how you can, too.

Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and adults while simultaneously rising among older adults. As the tools and technology embedded in social

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Visit for the latest new fashion trends, outfit ideas, celebrity style, designer news and runway looks.

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It’s my favorite time of the year, as spring morphs into summer! Connecticut winters are often harsh, but summers are really pretty, full of changes!

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