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Progress Ultrasonics Group LLC is engaged in development and production of technology intensive ultrasonic equipment. The company is located in Canton of Neuchatel

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Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G.Ivchenko

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Coverage of the second Russian cargo mission to ISS in 2017 by Anatoly Zak

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Community newspaper. Includes news, classifieds, and sports.

The robotic Russian cargo ship Progress 66 arrived at the International Space Station early Friday (Feb. 24), delivering nearly 3 tons of supplies to the orbiting

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The Russian Orbital Segment (ROS) is the name given to the components of the International Space Station (ISS) constructed in Russia and operated by the Russian

History of the Progress MS-04 mission by Anatoly Zak

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A robotic Russian cargo vessel has died a fiery death in Earth’s atmosphere, nine days after launching on a failed mission to the International Space Station.

The Progress (Russian: Прогресс) is a Russian expendable cargo spacecraft. Its purpose is to deliver supplies needed to sustain human presence in orbit.

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The case for countries to align their health systems with value-based approaches has perhaps never been stronger. By focusing on outcomes, value-based healthcare

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